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Join like-minded business professionals in the culinary tech industry for an evening of connection, collaboration, and cocktails in our Los Angeles networking happy hour!

Mingle and network! Social hour with cocktails - join us with 7Shifts and Tiphaus.

What to Expect

Embark on a sensory adventure at the Sora Networking Happy Hour in the heart of Los Angeles! Prepare to be dazzled as culinary innovation meets cutting-edge technology in an evening that promises to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your imagination. Join fellow foodies, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders at Mariscos Choix for an unforgettable networking experience like no other. Engage with visionary chefs and tech experts, share insights, and spark connections that could shape the future of food & tech. Sip on artisanal cocktails, mingle amidst a vibrant atmosphere, and immerse yourself in the thrilling intersection of food and technology. Get ready to elevate your palate, expand your horizons, and uncover the endless possibilities at this one-of-a-kind culinary tech extravaganza!

Join us for a social hour with 7Shifts and Tiphaus! Refreshing cocktails pictured.

About the Venue

Mariscos Choix, nestled in the vibrant culinary landscape of Los Angeles, is a seafood haven beloved by locals and visitors alike. With its unassuming exterior, this gem beckons diners with the promise of fresh, flavorful seafood dishes that celebrate the coastal bounty. Stepping inside, guests are greeted by a lively atmosphere buzzing with the sounds of sizzling pans and lively conversation. The menu showcases a tantalizing array of dishes inspired by traditional Mexican coastal cuisine, from ceviches bursting with citrusy freshness to succulent grilled fish tacos. Each plate is a culinary journey, crafted with care and attention to detail, inviting patrons to savor every bite. Whether you’re seeking a casual meal with friends or a memorable dining experience with loved ones, Mariscos Choix offers a delightful escape to the sun-kissed shores through its delectable seafood creations.

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