At Sora Partners, we can become your advocate and offer consulting in a variety of ways.  This includes helping your business make strategic decisions that impact the entire company. Whether the need is for a new buildout, bar services, bar menu, restaurant menu design (culinary and technology setup), or a full scale technology plan, we bring years of industry experience. We understand the business of hospitality. 

We know the hospitality industry, because we come from it. We analyze your goals with real world and market opportunities.  We want to partner with you and set you up for success. We can help you be a better restaurant inside and out. We can help determine proper workflows, placement of equipment, online presence, and what menu makes sense. With over 80 years of restaurant experience on our team, plus some of the brightest technology people, we can set you up for success!

IT/Telecom Services

Whether standalone or integrated into a POS, we help deploy the most advanced Telecom solutions on the market

Menu Development

We build smart, dynamic menus that anyone can use, with an emphasis on speedy transactions

Point of Sale Systems

Our POS knowledge is second to none. From strategy to installation, and everything in between

Restaurant Operations

Tap into our hospitality expertise to help you streamline, optimize and improve operational efficiencies
Orlando, Florida
(310) 734-2572
Mon- Fri 8am - 6pm EST
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